Personal coaches go beyond the workplace

A rediscovery of inner self and personal meaning should come from coaching sessions
By Sharon Kerpan
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 06/19/2002

Personal coaches see executives as humans first. With a broader mandate than “executive coaches” who focus on career and workplace interactions, personal coaches (PCs) take a holistic approach, supporting the concept that happier people make better employees.

While coaching can be used for all levels of employment, from entry-level to CEOs, the higher the position, the greater the challenge. Corporate executives have a myriad of expectations to meet, in both their careers and personal lives, and often have a hard time fitting these pieces together in harmony and balance. A PC can help solve the puzzle.

So what does a CEO want that’s different from another person? Possibilities include: the company gaining a competitive edge, a promotion, the feeling of reaching peak performance, financial reward or recognition.