Van plows through picket line

Security guard injures workers, Hargrove threatens to pull thousands of CAW members off the job to support strike
||Last Updated: 09/05/2003

A security guard drove his minivan through a crowd of unionized workers protesting outside a truck assembly plant in Chatham, Ont., critically injuring one man and hospitalizing two others.

Three hundred workers were waiting to intercept a busload of replacement workers bound for the Navistar International truck plant when six of them were struck on Monday by the minivan.

Unionized workers at the plant have been on strike since June 1. None of the injured workers were employees of the plant — they were CAW members from nearby Windsor, Ont. who were with the striking workers in a show of support. A 37-year-old DaimlerChrysler autoworker, the most seriously injured of the six, was in surgery for more than five hours Monday night.