A tale of 4 cities – and 1 tech giant (Editor's Notes)

Tales of woe from BlackBerry, Toronto and Montreal – but hope rises in the West
By Todd Humber
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/19/2013

Sometimes, there’s just nothing you can do to make things better. It’s an unfortunate reality of life.

One of the cover stories in this issue takes a look at the layoffs at BlackBerry. We’re not picking on the Waterloo, Ont.-based smartphone maker — it just happens to be in the news a lot for the wrong reasons, and we wanted to explore the issue: How should mass layoffs be handled?

There is no great answer, of course, but announcing staff reductions before all the I’s have been dotted and T’s crossed seems like a pretty bad way to go. It may make the Bay Street crowd happy but it takes a toll on workers. It puts all staff on edge and is a recipe for poor morale, productivity and loyalty.