Transgender medical benefits help build loyalty

They likely won’t be heavily used but programs – like one at Accenture – show support
By Claudia Thompson and Nicholas Greschner
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 12/16/2013

For a company to truly support inclusion and diversity, those principles must be considered throughout the entire enterprise — not limited to polices in the human resources manual. It’s about growing and stretching beyond the usual way of doing business, to rethink the employee experience from all perspectives.

That’s why Accenture enhanced its health benefits program to offer wide-ranging medical benefits to transgendered employees in Canada and the United States, designed to enable them to successfully integrate into the workplace and society, post-transition.

The primary objective was to support any employee in transition with a confidential and individualized health plan that offers assistance throughout the entire process. While the actual number of employees and their dependants over 18 who make use of these benefits will not be significantly high, what matters is a very high level of support is being offered to those employees who need it.