Manager training positive step toward better employee mental health

Organizations with mental health training are ahead of the curve
By Marie-Hélène Pelletier
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/10/2014

Everyone knows that a good diet and regular exercise are key to better physical health — but knowing what you should do and actually doing it don’t always coincide. It’s a similar story with mental health promotion.

Although organizations have long heard about the benefits of training front-line managers on mental health in the workplace, many employers have yet to implement such a strategy. That’s a real missed opportunity, because there is strong evidence that training managers to identify potential mental health issues at an early stage — and to direct individuals to the support they may need — results in better psychological health in the workplace.

Any employer that remains unconvinced of the need to address mental health issues may want to take a closer look at its disability claims. With one in five Canadians experiencing a mental health issue in his lifetime, mental and behavioural health problems are considered a leading cause of both short- and long-term disability in Canada.