Managing travel risks for employees (Toughest HR Question)

Having a travel risk management policy helps identify, minimize risks
By Ryan Treleaven
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/25/2014

Question: We often send employees around the country and across the world for business. What obligations do we have to ensure the worker is safe while travelling?

Answer: Some commentators have struck an alarmist tone, pointing to risks posed by terrorism, natural disasters and civil unrest. While these examples underscore the potential severity of the issue, they fail to acknowledge the more common risks. The truth is, whether on a trip to North Korea or across town, there is risk associated with travel that employers cannot ignore.

To identify and minimize risk, a best practice is to design, implement and consistently apply a travel risk management policy (TRMP). This will not only help protect employees from a range of travel risks but demonstrate the employer has turned its mind to the issue of protecting employees during business travel.