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A 'super' expensive resignation; Pensions for prostitutes; Do you want crack with that?; Creative way to pay off student loan; Your orientation is better than this; Expats behaving badly
By Todd Humber
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/25/2014

Do you want crack with that?

PITTSBURGH — A McDonald’s worker has been arrested, accused of dealing heroin in Happy Meal boxes to drive-thru customers who used the code phrase “I’d like to buy a toy,” according to Reuters. Shantia Dennis, 26, was charged with drug distribution after undercover officers conducted a controlled buy. They also seized a 50-unit bag of heroin from Dennis, plus 10 units purchased by plainclothes officers. It’s unclear how long the drug sales had been going on, and there was no indication the franchise owner was aware the drug deals were taking place. The worker was held on US$30,000 bail.

A ‘super’ expensive resignation