Zero gravity with no room for error (Editor's Notes)

Mission to Mars not the only time stakes are high for getting hiring right
By Todd Humber
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/25/2014

The mission to Mars outlined on the cover of this issue may never actually happen. But we put it on the front page because it’s the ultimate recruitment challenge. (Plus, when you were a kid, weren’t stories about missions to Mars the type of headlines you expected to see in 2014?)

When you’re recruiting people for a one-way trip to Mars, you can’t afford to make a hiring mistake. Because, really, once they get past the moon, it’s pretty tough to fire them — with or without cause. They’re not coming back to pick up a pink slip.

So you had better make the right decision upfront, and I think it’s very telling what the advisors to the project have suggested as a way to ensure the Mars One project gets the right talent.