A nod to administrative HR (Editorial, Sept. 9, 2002)

By John Hobel
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/02/2002

In the pursuit of strategic HR, the administrative side of the profession can rightly feel a bit slighted. “Shed the burdensome administrative image,” goes the refrain from many who desire a higher profile for HR.

Being a full partner in the business, with the head of HR part of the senior management team is the profession’s goal. Some have already achieved it, but the majority still work to make it a reality in their organizations. The challenge is to demonstrate to the CEO and the senior team that HR adds value by aligning employees with corporate goals and improving productivity. The problem is too many senior executives can’t see the promise of HR beyond the administrative tasks the department performs.

Shedding this admin image is necessary for the profession’s growth, but it shouldn’t require treating the administrative side as the black sheep of the family everyone wants kept out of sight. The profession’s strategic capabilities will be shown through accomplishments in organizational effectiveness and value-added executive-level planning, not by sweeping administrative HR under the rug.