Responsibility versus entitlement: Managing employee expectations

As the government cuts spending on health care, workers expect employers to pick up the slack
By Jacqueline Taggart
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/02/2002

Just about every week there is some mention in the media about the state of health care in Canada. The crises vary but generally include overuse of resources, inadequate funding, limited access to providers and hospitals, too few caregivers, an aging population, new diseases, costly treatments and the list goes on.

Another issue frequently discussed is the question of entitlement. Canadians believe that universal health care is their right. Taken one step further, many employees in Canada believe an employer-paid benefits plan is also their right.

Certainly Canada’s health-care philosophy as enshrined in the Canada Health Act is an enviable one, founded as it was on the promise of equal access and basic, universal coverage.