Should HR handle the screening?

Hiring managers know what they’re looking for in a candidate — but processes, efficiencies and time management can be problematic for them
By Erin Breden
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/11/2014

Hiring the right person is critical, but what role should HR play in finding the perfect candidate — particularly during the early stages of screening?

We’re all familiar with the criticisms against human resources: They use ineffective screening tools, are too process-driven and, perhaps most damaging, don’t know the business. A hiring manager — not HR — is definitely in the best position to know his team’s needs.

“The hiring manger knows what they are looking for,” says Brent Carson, director of customer care at Nuheat Industries in Richmond, B.C. “They can ask questions that are the most relevant to them and their current team when filling a position.”