Sample personal computer use policy

||Last Updated: 11/04/2002

Here are some highlights from a sample personal computer use policy.

The computer resources belong to ABC Company and are provided to users to assist in the performance of their jobs. Computer resources should be used for business purposes only. Limited personal use of computer resources by users is permissible, provided that this does not interfere with the computer resources or the user's job performance, and provided that users never engage in unacceptable computer resources use.

Users must abide by the limits set out in the "Unacceptable Computer Resources Use" section of this policy. ABC Company will monitor its computer resources and all data and resources created, received and stored thereon including user e-mail and Internet use, to ensure that the company's facilities are protected and properly used. All data on computer resources belongs to ABC Company, and ABC Company may access, read, use (in any way or medium it wishes), disclose and delete any data on the computer resources at any time and for any reason without advance notice to any user. Users do not have any expectation of privacy regarding anything created, sent or received on computer resources, whether the use is business or personal. Anything stored on computer resources may be disclosed in legal proceedings against ABC Company or users.