Ugly, racist altercation caught on video at Sears

Worker suspended, fired – but there are lessons to be learned
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/24/2014

A shaky video that captured an altercation between an irate customer and a Sears Canada employee at a Winnipeg store raises questions about training for front-line staff.

Filmed after the customer was asked to remove his children from the lawn tractors on display, the 90-second video shows the salesperson saying to the man “Let me guess, you just came off the boat?” The customer then demands the employee be fired for the racial slur and starts swearing at him. Just before the video ends, a security person shows up.

The video quickly went viral — but Sears reacted quickly too. After making an initial announcement two days later that the employee had been suspended, it later said he had been fired.