Putting work-life balance into relocation planning

By Donna Bergles and Lisa Da Rocha
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/10/2002

Work-life balance is an increasing priority in human resources management for very good reasons, driven by the rise of the dual-career family and the attendant need to juggle responsibilities on the home front. Forward-looking companies have responded with family-friendly policies and support programs.

Yet with corporate relocations, life balance issues are generally overlooked, despite the fact that the sheer nature of the relocation process throws the work-life balance of employees and their families completely out of whack.

In human terms, a relocation may become a total “dislocation,” with employees and their families feeling cut off from friends and relatives, workmates, familiar surroundings, lifestyle routines and social connections. After a relocation, it takes time for all involved to settle in and develop connections to the new job and new community.