Who’s hiring today’s graduates?

The best place for students to weather the economic downturn might be in the classroom
By Mark Laurie and Nathan Laurie
|CHRR, Guide to Recruitment & Staffing|Last Updated: 09/05/2003

Graduates are entering a job market where entry-level positions are very lean and competition for their services isn’t what it was just last year.

Though Canada continues to perform well, the U.S. economy is weathering a recession comparable to the early ’90s. But if one digs deeper into what’s happening on this side of the border from the perspective of a student looking for work, it’s apparent that while some industries are growing rapidly, many others are being hit hard by the American downturn.

Furthermore, the demographics of the Canadian population have created a unique scenario where companies that are downsizing are still hiring graduating students. What does this mean for graduates? For the most part, they may not find the job they wanted while going through university or college, but they won’t starve.