Ageism not easy to circumnavigate

Employers need to be careful during hiring, dismissal to avoid claims
By Janice Rubin
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/30/2014

Ageism is one of the last and best-hidden manifestations of discrimination in the North American workforce. In a post-mandatory retirement age, 17 per cent of Canadians expect they will never be able to afford to retire, according to a 2013 survey of more than 1,000 people by HSBC.

It has become increasingly important for employers to be aware of attitudinal barriers in the workplace that may lead to a jump in age discrimination claims in 2014 and beyond.

Whether during the hiring or dismissal process, employers need to pay close attention to several factors to guard against possible age discrimination claims. Given the trend in recent case law, it’s fair to expect employers will be increasingly called upon to demonstrate that employment-related decisions in relation to “senior” employees are made on legitimate business grounds.