Get ready for 'talent decade'

Growing recognition of value added by high-performance workforce
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 06/16/2014

EMPLOYERS ARE entering a “talent decade,” according to the Conference Board of Canada.

Talent is increasingly a competitive differentiator and there is growing recognition of the value driven by a high-performance workforce and HR’s critical role in building effective talent systems. Organizations and HR functions that find, develop and deploy the right talent will likely build sustainable competitive advantage, said the Conference Board’s report Human Resources Trends and Metrics: HR Function Benchmarking, Third Edition.

“Things like a changing regulatory environment… skills shortages… the overall economy that is improving, slow labour force growth and drivers like changing technology and changing leadership choices are really pushing this focus on talent,” said Heidi Martin, research associate and network manager at the Conference Board of Canada in Ottawa.