Close inspection: Royal Canadian Mint polishes HR, payroll system

Corporation came up with 400 criteria for new HRMS to modernize HR technology
By Zachary Pederson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 06/16/2014

When the Royal Canadian Mint was looking for a new human resources management system (HRMS), it wanted a system that combined tasks that used to be completed separately. Until that point, the HR and payroll departments had been operating time and attendance, payroll tasks and human resource functions independently from one another — which led to an inefficient use of employee time.

The Mint also wanted to have up-to-date, strategic data and information for its 1,270 employees that was readily available, so management decisions could be based on solid facts.

“It’s very important for management to be able to access information quickly and that they’re able to make strategic decisions after that,” says Julie Sylvestre, senior HR director at the Mint.