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Caught in the act; Flying drug-free class; A new kind of union; Dancing tea cake looks healthy; Selfies reveal whole new side of government
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/15/2014

A new kind of union

NEW YORK — Costumed superheroes are fighting back — characters who pose for tourist photos in New York’s Times Square looking for a cash tip have formed an association to preserve their livelihood, according to Reuters. Dozens of people dressed as Spider-Man, Batman, Elmo or Mickey Mouse have been accused of harassing visitors, and police have arrested several performers in recent months, while telling tourists to call 911 with any complaints. So the Association of Artists United for a Smile is fighting back, said Yamil Morales, one of the organizers for the group, which has more than 100 characters as members. "We’re people who want to be treated as workers with dignity and not be treated as cartoon characters just because we wear a mask." Morales, a Colombian living in New York City who dresses up as the Penguin, says he and Batman came up with the idea.

Caught in the act