Blurring the line between work and home

Telework can be the ultimate work-life benefit if the right technology is in place
By Kelly Kanellakis
|CHRR, Guide to Pensions & Benefits|Last Updated: 12/04/2002

Finding the perfect balance between working for a living and just living for work is tough. For employees, it means finding a balance between work and family life. For businesses, it means supporting that balance to maintain and retain valuable talent.

In 2000, a survey of AT&T’s teleworkers found that just over two-thirds of those who reported receiving a competing offer said giving up the telework environment was a factor in the decision to turn down the offer.

AT&T also found two-thirds of its managers reported teleworking as an advantage in keeping and attracting good employees and 83 per cent of teleworkers said they found personal and family lives more satisfying after beginning a telework arrangement.