PM calls for business to spend more on training

Innovation Strategy seeks to remove immigration barriers, promote skilled trades
By David Brown
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 12/16/2002

Prime Minister Jean Chretien promised “concrete action” to help raise the skill level of the Canadian workforce at a special summit in Toronto last month and challenged businesses to do their part by spending more money on training.

“I am saying to you tonight that business must invest in learning for their workers if they want to compete. Canada is not doing enough here. I challenge business and labour to jump on this imperative — for the sake of your workers, for the sake of your competitiveness. We must all do more. We must all do better,” he said in a speech read by Minister of Human Resources Development Canada Jane Stewart after he was grounded by a snowstorm in Quebec.

The Prime Minister’s speech opened the National Summit on Innovation and Learning, the culmination of a series of roundtables held across the country from May to October to gather feedback on the government’s Innovation Strategy, intended to improve innovation, skills and learning in Canada.