What’s hot and what’s not

A look at what HR technology vendors are selling and clients are buying
By John Johnston
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/21/2003

When Canada’s HR tech industry gathered at a Toronto conference in November it was interesting to note both who was, and wasn’t, present.

The HRMS Canada Events Conference, hosted by the Canadian arm of the International Association of Human Resource Information Management, provided a chance for attendees to see new products vendors were promoting and to discuss HR’s current demands for technology. Examining who is exhibiting at a conference is a leading indicator of what will be hot in the market during the next year or two, and of what seems to be waning in interest among HR professionals.

Of the major “tier one” HR management system (HRMS) vendors, Oracle was a no show but both PeopleSoft and SAP had a presence. There was solid representation among the “tier two” HRMS vendors (including some new entries into this marketplace). “Tier three” vendors were not well represented. It seems that the post-Y2K market downturn continues to make life difficult for both the high end and the low end of HRMS products.