Managing the flow of data at Inco

By Lesley Young
|CHRR, Guide to HR Technology|Last Updated: 01/29/2003

Inco’s IT project manager laughs with relief when asked how the completion of an HRMS implementation seemed possible only five months ago. Kathy-Lynn Holter-Ferguson, known to the project team as K-L, is enjoying some downtime now that the HR/payroll implementation project has reached Phase A at INCO Ltd.’s Manitoba division in Thompson.

The scrapping of Inco’s original Y2K-compliance strategy and switch of plans to an HRMS implementation early this year had K-L counting the precious days before going live. It’s been a steady, hectic pace since she started in April to lead the implementation of D.L.G.L.’s HR/payroll software, called V.I.P., Integrated Personnel, Payroll, Pension, Time Systems.

Timing wasn’t all she was up against. She says, “the biggest challenge was that I hadn’t done anything with payroll before. That, and the vendor (D.L.G.L.) was so remote.”