Performing surgery on a hospital HRMS

It was a tough operation but it looks like the patient is going to pull through
By Mike Moralis
|CHRR, Guide to HR Technology|Last Updated: 03/10/2003

It took a merger to create one of Ontario’s largest hospitals. And it will take more than $13 million to create a new, integrated information technology system to link the four sites.

The executives at Hamilton Health Sciences Centre (HHSC) are betting it will be worth every penny. That’s because the system is expected to revolutionize the way departments relate to staff and one another — and save money, too. The $13-million investment comes at a time when the hospital is projecting a $38-million deficit.

Two years after the merger, the hospital is implementing a system described as “the largest and most significant health care investment of its kind in Canada.” The project, built on the foundation of enterprises resources planning (ERP) software from PeopleSoft Canada Ltd., will replace a variety of legacy systems with a single, integrated application.