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|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/20/2015

Were they hungry for escargot?

BANFF, Alta.  — You’d think Parks Canada employees would have a certain respect for nature. But two workers were dismissed recently after swimming in Banff’s thermal pools, according to the Calgary Herald. The problem? The watering holes are home to the national park’s endangered snail. Charges under the parks act were laid against Stephan Titcomb, 52, and Kirsten Hughes, 54, but there was not enough evidence to support charges under the Species at Risk Act because it was unclear whether any of the Banff Springs Snails or their habitat had been harmed, according to Mark Merchant, spokesperson for Banff National Park. It’s very disappointing these things keep happening over and over, especially when park employees are involved, said Dwayne Lepitzki, an expert on the mollusk. “They should know better. There’s supposed to be some education happening with Parks Canada staff. Maybe that education happened; maybe it didn’t.”