Out of office is on

Your employees need a vacation – here’s how to get them out the door
By Beverly Beuermann-King
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/09/2015

Canadians view vacations as medicine for the body, mind and soul — but nearly one in five do not take all the vacation days they are entitled to and 59 per cent feel vacation-deprived, according to an international survey by Expedia. If your company rates similar to those statistics, it could be in trouble.

It may be easy to fall into the trap of thinking employees who don’t use up their allotted time are costing the company less. However, employees who don’t use all of their vacation are probably costing the company more in the long run. They may experience more stress-related symptoms such as mood swings, racing thoughts, frustration, irritability, pessimism, feeling rushed, pushed or tired, more headaches, sleep difficulties and gastrointestinal disorders.