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|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/20/2015

People in glass offices

CHRISTCHURCH, N.Z. — If you’re planning to have an office romp  — literally — it might be a good idea to turn out the lights. That’s what two employees learned recently in New Zealand when their on-site dalliance was captured in photos and video by bar patrons across the street. The senior insurance manager and office junior were filmed at the office of insurance firm Marsh, and the images were posted on Facebook — where the wife discovered the affair. Bosses at Marsh have identified the pair and have started an investigation, according to the New Zealand Herald. CEO Grant Milne said the company was taking the incident “very seriously” but did not say if the pair had been suspended. “We’re working through the issue with them.” Employment law expert Blair Scotland said the pair could lose their jobs and the key element was whether Marsh believed it had been brought into disrepute. “Some people will have a bit of a snigger while others might wonder what sort of company allows these sorts of activities after hours. It’s not an easy process for an employer to weigh up,” he said.