The weird workplace

Bonus in bagels; Mugging for the camera; What goes around comes around; Not exactly model behaviour; Public shaming
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/02/2015

What goes around comes around

TORONTO — When it comes to retail, there’s always that last person responsible for closing up at the end of the day. But when one of the owners of a tire store in Toronto failed to lock up or set the alarm, amazingly, there was no burglary, according to the Toronto Sun. For the three hours it remained “open,” the store’s security cameras showed five people came into the business, and no one took anything. “They could have taken a set of tires, rims, batteries,” said Diego Catala, who owns the store along with his mother and father. “They could have just helped themselves. But no one did.” The potential customers wandered around, confused, and then left. The last man, however, apparently tried to look for a way to contact the owners and — after flipping the sign to “CLOSED” —drove to the local police station to alert them about the shop  “Next time he comes in, he gets a free set of tires, right off the bat, no problem,” Diego said. Officers arrived around 7 p.m. and alerted the family.