Post-9/11 challenges for relocation

Employers see greater resistance to foreign assignments
By Bev Belisle and Wade Cuthbertson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/10/2003

In the 18 months since the terrorist attacks on the United States, employers have faced new challenges to deploying employees to other countries. For some, the attacks were a wake-up call to how unprepared they were when it came to the safety and security of expatriates. For others, there have been changes in the logistics of managing assignments.

Sept. 11 provided a clear illustration of how “it can happen anywhere,” and demonstrated the value of advance planning and preparation. What happened on that day showed that no matter where someone is, basic communication, health, personal safety and security could all be compromised within minutes.

During the ensuing months some employers reviewed contingency planning and preparedness, putting formal policies and programs in place. Security planning has been reinforced or added to the list of advance preparation for relocation or assignment, particularly when the travel destination or residency is a location with higher risk factors.