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|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/01/2015

People in high places

TORONTO — Raccoons are pesky critters that can get just about anywhere — attics, garbage cans and barbeques. But one crane operator in Toronto recently discovered they’re also more than willing to climb 210 metres to find the ultimate resting spot when one climbed up to his cab. The animal was “totally fearless and unintimidated,” said Robert MacFarlane on Twitter, who shooed the raccoon away after a “hissing match.” As the story gained momentum, Toronto Fire Service tweeted “Do you need a rescue…?” to which MacFarlane (“SkyJacked793”) responded, “Haha, thanks very much but we’re both fine.” Among the responding Tweets was one from a Steve Layton: “Watch out! The raccoons are now coming after our jobs, not just our garbage.” Along with the photo of the raccoon hanging on the ladder, peering up into the crab, the crane operator posts views of the Toronto skyline from his lofty perch and now has more than 10,000 followers.