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|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/15/2015

Bottoms up

LONDON, U.K. — Ever wondered what the favourite alcoholic drink is at the BBC? Well, now we know. Staff at the British Broadcasting Corporation most prefer beers, ales and cider, followed very closely by white wine, with the spend for each group averaging £15,000 pounds (C$27,453) per year, according to the Mirror. The bill for red wine sits at £10,000 (C$18,300) while sparkling wine £3,000 (C$5,500), rose wine £2,000 (C$3,600) and spirits (also £2,000) are near the bottom. When it comes to beer, Italy’s Peroni is easily the most popular, with the BBC buying more than 5,500 bottles during the year, at a cost of about £12,000 (C$22,000). “The BBC has clear policies to ensure spend on hospitality is proportionate and they have been progressively tightened to ensure value for money,” said a spokesperson. “Drinks may be purchased where there is an appropriate business purpose. For example, production teams may provide hospitality for program guests.”