Technology-based learning comes of age

E-learning shifts to user interactions, multi-vendor solutions
By Uyen Vu
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/05/2003


ynthia Prelle of Scotiabank is proud of the e-learning system that she and her team has set up for the IT department in the four years she has been with the organization.

Back when she started, not all desktop computers had an Internet connection. Prelle, project delivery manager with Scotiabank’s strategic human resources group, said this made launching e-learning a little challenging. Now, the department’s online learning library, consisting of 150 titles, reaches beyond the usual IT skills to include courses on project management, business and professional skills development. Of the 1,200 IT staff served by the e-learning system, 63 per cent log on regularly, which Prelle takes as a sign that the library is relevant and useful to the department.