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Come ply with us; Not quite the Snuffleupagus; What about the next 100?; Freezing for life; Ketchup has so many uses
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/16/2015

Come ply with us

TORONTO — Employers evaluating their total rewards plans might want to consider an employee perk apparently given out at Ryerson University in Toronto: Plush toilet paper. The school is said to offer two-ply paper on the floors housing the president’s office and other administrative departments, while giving students the one-ply option, according to CityNews and the Canadian Press. University spokesperson Michael Forbes said the practice has been in place for more than a decade: “We are examining a switch to two-ply but we need to be mindful of costs and the fact that buildings with older plumbing systems can only accommodate one-ply.” Faculty might be happy with the comfier arrangement but students tweeted their disappointment: “You mean we’ve been stuck with tissue paper while they hoard the plushy good stuff?” said Lexie Hinde. “It’s PLY-GATE.”