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|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/27/2015

Long live the queen

OTTAWA — At most offices, wall art is pretty inoffensive, with soothing scenes of nature or posters featuring words of empowerment. But at the Foreign Affairs building in Ottawa, a change of decor caused a stir recently when a large portrait of Queen Elizabeth 2 was replaced by two paintings by Quebec artist Alfred Pellan. The paintings, “Canada West” and “Canada East,” had hung above the reception desk since 1973, according to CBC News, but were taken down and replaced by her highness when the Conservatives came to power four years ago. “Global Affairs Canada is committed to showcasing Canada, our art and our culture in all of our facilities, whether at home here in Canada or abroad in our embassies, high commissions and consulates,” said John Babcock,a  spokesperson for Global Affairs Canada. “These brightly coloured paintings... depict some of the best of Canada and are an excellent way to welcome Canadians and guests to Global Affairs Canada.” The art re-installation was noticed by workers, judging by one tweet: “Nothing against Her Majesty, but nice to see the Pellans back in their former location at the Pearson building.”