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|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 12/11/2015

Free delivery – but with attitude

THORNHILL, ONT. — Maybe he was having a particularly bad day, but a pizza delivery person took things too far recently when he sent angry texts to a customer, according to CityNews. When Nadisha Mendes’ pizza arrived later than the 40-minutes-or-free deadline, she was told by Pizza Pizza customer service her food would be free. But after the delivery guy left, Mendes started to receive increasingly nasty texts from him, with one saying: “I don’t know how you can enjoy eating a cheated pizza with a straight conscience.” He then went on to mention the customer’s weight: “Maybe u shouldn’t be eating such a big pizza all to urself this late at night even if it’s free cuz u looked like u could lose a few pounds.” Mendes later complained to the company. “How are you supposed to trust Pizza Pizza anymore because who knows how many (employees) can text you now… they have your information.” she said. The employee was subsequently fired. “I’ve been doing this for 30-plus some-odd years and it is totally unacceptable what this gentleman did,” said Pat Finelli, chief marketing officer for Pizza Pizza.