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|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 01/22/2016

Not so ship-shape

OTTAWA — A sailor whose weight rose to 301 pounds while in the Canadian navy is receiving a disability award after arguing his health problems were partly due to unhealthy food in the military, according to the Ottawa Citizen. The 47-year-old was able to prove to the Veterans Review and Appeal Board that his chronic high blood pressure was linked to his service. Originally 160 pounds and fit in 1986, the man was obese by 2005. Along with developing an alcohol problem, he was not used to the diet on ships. “There was only fresh food for the first few weeks of a sail and the rest of the time food came out of a can and was cooked in a deep fryer or on a grill in cooking oil,” the ruling noted. “The diet was high in sodium, salt and fat.” The sailor also suffered injuries that limited his ability to exercise, but has lost close to 70 pounds since leaving the military.