Counting on human resources (Roundtable)

Are executives actually asking for big data – and is HR marketing the ROI?
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/18/2016

When it comes to numbers, is there still a demand for big data — and are executives actually asking for it or is HR marketing the return on investment? Those were the questions asked by Ian Hendry, president of the Strategic Capability Network and vice-president of HR and administration at Interac in Toronto, at a roundtable of senior HR leaders hosted by the Strategic Capability Network (SCNetwork) in Toronto.

It’s a good question when it comes to the C-suite, said Norm Sabapathy, executive vice-president of people at Cadillac Fairview in Toronto.

“I can generate all kinds of people data and insights but if they don’t need it, they don’t care about it and they don’t see how it fits their context, then I think HR can make itself look foolish by trying to demonstrate HR can measure things,” he said. “I try to figure out ‘What is the root cause problem we’re solving? And what specific data will I bring to support a higher quality solution?’”