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Not such a smashing success; Canines catching culinary crooks; Maybe she left the bath running; But they're so similar; Not the best choice of words
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/02/2016

Maybe she left the bath running?

HOUSTON — Apparently in a rush to be first off the plane after landing in Houstin, a flight attendant recently took the easy way out by deploying the emergency evacuation slide. The United Airlines employee first tossed her bag out of a door behind the cockpit and then proceeded to slide down to the tarmac where she grabbed her bag and walked away from the plane, according to Reuters. “It is our understanding that she deployed it intentionally,” said United Airlines spokesperson Charlie Hobart. The flight, with 159 passengers and six crew members onboard, was briefly taken out of service for maintenance and then returned to its scheduled use. But that was not the case for the flight attendant — she has been removed from flying duties.

Not such a smashing success