Best practices in HR linked to better business performance

Can lead to higher stock prices, faster revenue growth: Report
By Liz Foster
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/02/2016

A recent report brings good news to the HR profession in finding best practices in HR are linked to better business performance — measured by higher stock prices, faster revenue growth and improved employer brand reception. 

Emerging Evidence: Business Performance and the Validation of HR Best Practices from the Top Employers Institute and HR Certification Institute (HRCI) suggests HR practices drive improved business performance and financial results.  The study listed several leadership capabilities as having the strongest correlation to revenue and profits, including the devotion of significant time to nurturing leadership and talent, the encouragement of leaders to foster employee engagement and the development of pipeline successors for leaders and top talent. 

“The correlation was so clear, so strong,” said Heather Combs, Washington, D.C.-based chief business development officer at HRCI, which certifies human resources professionals on an individual level.