The weird workplace

Hot, cross baker; Maybe he needs an off-switch?; BB-8 would be impressed; Questions, anyone?; Fiery fate for family
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/16/2016

Hot, cross baker

DOLE, FRANCE — Back in December, French baker Michel Flamant was becoming increasingly tired at his store over several days, and eventually he collapsed. Fortunately, a homeless man, Jerome Aucant — who often dropped by the store — entered the premises and finding the baker unconscious, dragged him outside and alerted authorities. It turned out Flamant came close to dying of carbon monoxide poisoning after having a stove fixed earlier in the week. Once recovered, the 62-year-old owner pledged to sell his business to his savior for one euro, and he was soon training Aucant, according to Reuters. The move generated plenty of media attention — but was not meant to last. Just recently, Flamant announced the deal was off after finding his would-be successor had invited a group of friends to the bakery in his absence. “(I) discovered that Jerome had set up a bar of sorts with wine and beer, and all his homeless friends in the oven room. I told him this was not part of the deal,” he said. “Tempers rose and he started insulting me, so I told him to pack his bags and go.”

Maybe he needs an off-switch?