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Low blow for women; Karma bites back; Where's the beef?; Not quite Romeo & Juliet; Pizza delivers
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/30/2016

Low blow for women

LONDON — A woman unhappy with a rather stringent dress code has started a petition in the United Kingdom. Nicola Thorp showed up to work as a temp at PriceWaterhouseCooopers in London but was surprised to find out she was required to wear two- to four-inch heels, according to the Telegraph. Her agency said it was “female grooming policy” for women and Thorp would be sent home without pay unless she complied. “When I pointed out that my male colleague was allowed to work in flat shoes, and that I felt that I was being discriminated against, I was laughed at. She said, ‘Men aren’t used to wearing heels’ — well I’m afraid I’m not, either,” said Thorp. The employment rights hotline told Thorp that as long as employers enforce a formal dress code for both male and female workers, they’re not being discriminatory. “I was told that because men don’t usually wear high heels in non-work life, yet women do, it is not sex discrimination to expect women to wear high heels,” she said. PwC said the dress code is not a company policy and it is in discussion with suppliers.

Karma bites back