Vancouver most competitive city for HR

In-demand skills include HRIS proficiency, succession planning: Report
By Liz Foster
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/30/2016

On any given day, an average of 2,250 HR positions are waiting to be filled at more than 1,300 employers across Canada. And the most competitive city for HR is Calgary, with a rating of 49 potential candidates per job listing, according to a report from Randstad Canada. 

Vancouver, in contrast, boasts 24 potential candidates per job listing. This represents a significant shift from last year, said Tom Turpin, president of technologies and engineering at Randstad Canada in Toronto. 

“If you look at different marketplaces in general, Vancouver is the hottest marketplace in Canada. It’s the most competitive marketplace for employers and the least competitive employment place for employees. In other words, there’s the highest demand for the least amount of supply in Vancouver. It’s not surprising that, based on what’s happened with oil and gas, Calgary has gone the other way. Calgary was, for a little while, the mecca of job growth in Canada, but it’s really gone the other way.”