Print not dead in Dubai; Forecast: Cold front expected; Dinner with a side of handcuffs; Painful poultry practices; Cutting back on style

|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/06/2016

Dinner with a side of handcuffs?

BEIJING — A father-daughter duo are enjoying brisk business at their Beijing restaurant after they started providing patrons with an S&M-themed experience. Drinks are served in breast-shaped cups and beers are opened with bottle openers shaped like penises, while mannequins wearing bondage gear gaze over customers, according to Reuters. The kitchen also serves up dishes such as “Horny” and “Sensuous World” and inflatable naked dolls sit on shelves while waiters wear aprons with breasts on them. “’Food and sex are the basic desires of humans,’ and the phrase has not changed in more than 5,000 years,” said owner Lu Lu. “’Release your basic instincts’ and ‘Liberate yourself’ are the two concepts we used as the basis for the restaurant.” While the police have visited once, Lu said she has been left alone to run her business. However, she hopes to turn things up a notch by putting female customers in handcuffs and having their male companions feed them. She also wants to give customers the option of whipping waitresses.

Print not dead in Dubai