Creating a co-op program that gets results

How employers and educational institutions can form partnerships to better prepare the next-generation workforce
By Adam Bajan
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/06/2016

There comes a time in every student’s life where she starts wondering, “What am I going to do when I graduate? How am I going to find a job?”

A common complaint shared by many students is that the classroom education they receive in critical theory, while certainly interesting, doesn’t really prepare them for life in the workplace. And the simple fact is many universities don’t do enough to prepare students for future careers.

In the fast-paced corporate world of eight-hour days and repetitive commutes, employers routinely wonder what will happen when baby boomers retire en masse. This massive corporate turnover is happening, and it’s happening now. The days of employees entering the workforce at 20 and retiring at 65 are long over and today’s corporations often struggle with the dreaded triangle of the demands and realities of the workforce, expectations of direct-input post-graduation employees, and fending off a stagnating creative force.