City of Kingston workers face consequences after breaking rules (Legal View)

Only one deserved reinstatement: Arbitrator
By Jeffrey Smith
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/06/2016

Two Ontario workers who were observed leaving work early on multiple occasions and denied it in investigative interviews have received different decisions from an arbitrator.

Willie Loyst, 50, and Steve Dervenis, 50, were arena operators for the City of Kingston, Ont. Both men worked at the Invista Centre, an arena complex that contained four ice pads, meeting rooms and a fitness centre. 

Loyst worked full-time and Dervenis part-time at the centre, and they were also responsible for operations at an adjacent sports field. Duties included assisting customers who rented the facility, maintaining the ice and cleaning the change rooms, meeting rooms and concourse. In the summer, they took down the ice, painted the lines and logos, and looked after lighting on the sports fields.