Military base worker in Bosnia fired after aggressive behaviour

Wouldn’t stop harassing co-workers, didn’t co-operate with employer’s mediation
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/06/2016

A military contractor had just cause to dismiss a worker on a military base in Bosnia for aggressive and intimidating behaviour towards co-workers, the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench has ruled.

The 60-year-old worker was in the military until 1983 when he was discharged due to a dependence on alcohol that caused him to get into too many fights. He continued to drink for some time until 1987, when he decided to turn his life around and quit drinking.

The worker was hired in 2000 by Atco, a military contractor that provided communications, supplies and transport at Canadian military bases. Two weeks later, he started his employment as a transport dispatcher at Base Black Bear, a Canadian military base in Bosnia.