A bonanza of HR tips for training programs, personal development (HR Manager's Bookshelf)

The Training Manager’s Quick-Tip Sourcebook • Technology for Trainers • The E-Learning Revolution • The Conflict and Communication Activity Book • Speak with Confidence • Point, Click & Wow! • The AMA Handbook of Business Letters
By Ray Brillinger
|CHRR, Guide to Training & Development|Last Updated: 07/28/2005


ooking for an answer to that training question, or quick reference information on human resource development issues? Interested in recent trends and future directions in e-learning and in technologies available to trainers? The following books offer insights and roadmaps for seasoned practitioners or those new to the workplace education field.

Also reviewed are some practical resources for use in training programs or as self-study guides. They address many facets of communication skills and challenges: preparing and delivering effective public speeches and presentations; good business letters; impressive laptop presentations; and training interventions to help build working relationships, teamwork and conflict resolution.