Leveraging science to improve employee engagement

Successful organizations take multidimensional approach
By Ruth Wright
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/16/2016

Organizations continue to pour resources into employee engagement — and for good reason. It drives productivity, retention and other positive outcomes that, in turn, drive organizational performance.

However, not all organizations are reaping a return on that investment. For each top employer, there are many struggling. And scores are generally low. Only 27 per cent of the ratings in a sample by the Conference Board of Canada were highly engaged. In fact, scores have plateaued in recent years and are even dipping a bit.

A challenging business environment is a factor — engagement does tend to rise in good times. But even in a tough business environment, there are organizations that are thriving and vital with high engagement. For the rest, it is important to better understand what engagement is, why it is important in the business context, and what strategies and practices can be put in place to “nudge” it higher.