IT offshoring has not hurt demand for network skills

"These aren't the kinds of skills that you can outsource to an offshore location," says head of SHRC
By Uyen Vu
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/28/2005

Businesses are shying away from making large-scale information technology investments, opting instead for incremental tweaks to the infrastructures they’ve already got, said IT research house IDC Canada in a labour market survey released last month.

No longer in high demand are implementers of large-scale entreprise-wide systems like Oracle and SAP, said Paul Swinwood, president of the Software Human Resource Council, the sector council that commissioned the study.

Most businesses went through these implementations at the same time they tackled the Y2K bug, he said. “So we’ve seen a drop off of new companies implementing these systems, and this is confirmed by a drop off in Oracle sales and SAP sales.”