Older employees deserve more

Ontario case serves as reminder of need for proper severance
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/28/2016

Employers beware: Older employees can have a tough time finding re-employment so it doesn’t pay to be tight-fisted with severance. That was the message recently when the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ruled a long-term employee was owed her base salary plus benefits and RRSP contributions for the notice period of 24 months.

The case concerned Stephanie Ozorio, a 60-year-old woman who worked for 30 years at the Canadian Hearing Society (CHS), most recently as regional director for the Toronto region. She was dismissed without cause in 2015 as part of a restructuring process.

Ozorio was offered $93,000 — less than her annual salary of $97,309 — so she declined the offer, seeing it as unfair.